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Staffing Committee



 (Adopted 03/06/19 Minute 107/19i, Reviewed 06/09/21 248/21, To be reviewed: September 2022)

The Staffing Committee of Elham Parish Council consists of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council and two other Councillor. The quorum of the committee shall be a minimum of  75% of all those entitled to attend.

The appointment of members to this Committee is decided at the Annual Parish Council meeting.

  1. To recruit, retain and develop staff to undertake the work of the Parish Council.
  2. To arrange execution of new employment contract and changes to contracts.
  3. To draft, implement, review, monitor and revise staffing policies to make recommendations to Full Council,
  4. To draft, implement, review, monitor Financial Regulations and Financial Risk Assessment, which relate to Staffing to make recommendations to Finance Committee for Full Councils approval.
  5. To make recommendation on staffing related expenditure to Full Council.
  6. To establish and review pay scales for staff for approval by Full Council.
  7. To supervise and performance manage the Clerk’s work, to administer leave requests, record and monitor absences, approve time sheets, monthly salary payments and expenses payments which may be prior to the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting.
  8. To handle staff grievance and disciplinary matters.
  9. To make recommendations and approving staff training.
  10. To undertake an annual appraisal of the Clerk.

Terms and Conditions of Council and Committees

Matters to be resolved only by a Full Council

  1. Issuing precept
  2. Borrowing money
  3. Approving the end of year Accounts and Annual Return
  4. Incurring expenditure over and above the Councils approved budget.
  5. Amending Standing Orders and Financial Regulation.
  6. The number of Committees, and the names and number of Members appointed on each Committee.
  7. Determining the functions and constitution of Committees and sub-committees.
  8. Fixing the dates of routine meetings of The Council and its Committees.
  9. Filing of Member vacancies on any Committees or Council.
  10. Appointing or nominating persons to fill vacancies on outside bodies.
  11. Confirming the appointment of and dismissing of the Parish Clerk.
  12. No Committee or sub-committee, apart from the Staffing Committee, have the power to incur expenditure without the approval of Full Council.

Committee Chairman

In liaison with the Parish Clerk, the Committee Chairman/Vice Chairman have the authority to cancel or postpone a meeting owing to the lack of business or in an emergency.


  1. Matters delegated to a Committee may be referred to full Council at the request (written or verbal) of two Members of the Council prior to the resolution of the matter.
  2. In accordance with Standing Order 7a the Council may, under specified conditions, reverse a Committee (or Council) decision within 6 months,

Member of the Committee:

Councillor Lamb

Councillor Chapman

Councillor Swan (Chair)