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Community & Amenities Committee


 (Adopted 03/06/19 Minute 107/19 (ii) Reviewed 07/09/20 Minute 148/20 (ii) To be reviewed: May 2021)

The Communities and Amenities Committee of Elham Parish Council consists of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council and a maximum of 5 Councillors.  The quorum of the committee shall be a minimum of 50% of all those entitled to attend.

The Chairman of the Committee shall be appointed at the first meeting of the Committee following the Annual Parish Council meeting.

The appointment of members to this Committee is decided at the Annual Parish Council meeting.

  1. To keep under review the provision of recreational facilities and amenities for the residents of the Parish of Elham.
  2. To oversee the management and administration of Elham Burial Ground and the closed Churchyard.
  3. To lead on tenders for all aspects of maintenance and ground works for the approval of Full Council.
  4. To put forward to Full Council proposals for any improvements, developments or any proposed expenditure when requesting funding for the following financial year.
  5. To make recommendations to Elham Parish Council about the level of fees for use of recreational facilities and amenities.
  6. To recommend the appointment of sub-tenants to utilize Council properties where appropriate.
  7. To oversee the management of the sub-tenants.
  8. The Committee is authorised to establish working groups, including member of the public, to assist in its work.