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Elham Parish Council

Parish Meeting - 16th January 2018 - Update

By C Skinner Elham Parish Council

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Elham Parish Council Contributor


Here is an update from the Parish Council, not all questions could be answered at this time and a couple led to further questions!


Parish Meeting 16th January - Update






1.      Provide more effective communication with the parishioners in listening, responding and     

sharing information to reflect a variety of communication systems e.g. improvement of the  website, Facebook etc. and openness with information respecting parishioners wishes and  ideas.  


New website live with effect from 9th January, Facebook and Twitter accounts also live.


2.      Address the urgent need for affordable housing. 


Until landowners offer sites there is little that can be done apart from looking at suitable areas and asking if they may be made available.


3.      Provide protection of the Gore as a recreational facility for the whole parish. 


The land already has protection via being designated as recreational land, however it is in private ownership.


4.      Discuss with the Parishioners how to obtain value for money from the precept. 


Suggestions are always welcomed


5.      Respect and use offers from residents to become involved with projects etc. 


Collaboration with volunteers has always been important, as highlighted during the meeting.


6.      Address the issue of parking to enable businesses to thrive. 


Suggestions are welcomed, the Parish Council is happy to liaise with SDC as required.


7.      Provide training for the use of the defibrillator. 


Still awaiting a response from the local ambulance service and St John’s Ambulance.


8.      Take forward the actions from the Connect and Care Age UK event. 


Dementia Friendly village and befriending schemes currently being looked at.


9.      Facilitate and support protection of our bus services.  


Responsibility and payment of subsidies lies with KCC however our SDC member and KCC member will support as necessary. Awaiting confirmation of actual changes.


10.   Maintain the care of the village of Elham e.g. the War Memorial, dog bins. 


New dog bin recently provided at The Gore, in addition any ‘lined’ bins can be used for bagged dog waste, it does not have to be placed in a designated dog bin.


11.   Work to facilitate the provision of improved Broadband for the growing number of parishioners   working from home. 

To be an agenda item for the March meeting following discussion with providers and parishioners.


Updates will follow………….

Cathy Skinner




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